Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Mind Mapping

Mind mapping was formalized as a technique in the early 70's by Tony Buzan, a British bran researcher, as a whole brain alternative to linear thinking. Mind mapping makes it easier to access the tremendous potential of your brain by representing your thoughts using key words. It's organized brainstorming to find out what you know by writing central themes and then depicting thoughts and associations as vines growing in all directions from the central theme.

Mind mapping does not select information by categories, but sees whatever is in the minds. For instance, if "yellow" is the central theme I then print the first thoughts that come to mind. They may be "bus", "green", "orange", daffodil", and "banana". A quick spray of associations comes from each thought as "bus" leads to "truck" to "ambulance" to "fire engine" to "fire" to "ambulance" to "hospital" and "green". Other thoughts lead to fruits and flowers and school. The associations are potentially infinite as each association triggers new ones.

To be continued....

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