Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Technology Advances

If you'd bought a computer in 1950 it would have taken up the entire living room in your house. That's one reason people didn't buy them. The other was cost, even a basic computer would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Governments and some companies could afford them but you'd be hard pressed to find one in a family home.

Of course, now they are everywhere, on your desk, in your kitchen, and all of them are far more powerful than the early computers, yet they are more affordable with each passing year.

If the development of automobiles had achieved the pace of development that computers have enjoyed over the last 50 years, they would travel six times the speed of sound, be capable of about 1000 miles per gallon of gas and would cost around $20.

So this brings up what is distincitve about our times; not change itself but the nature of change. Keep in mind the tech revolution is just beginning.

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