Saturday, January 20, 2007


Filling The Gaps In Ourselves

There's work to be done! In us, there are gaps to be found. These are areas where missing parts can be discovered. It is always a shock when they are brought to consciousness. None of us are finished creatures, but rather, works in progress---or better stated: work that must progress or the sleep which overwhelms us.

The Yes Or No Gap
Where we can see issues only in terms of black and white. We place ready labels on our experience and accept or deny it. To fill this gap we must be constantly vigilant to see the pendulum that swings between them and start accepting the neutral field that is neither yes nor no, but that which is capable of embracing the 'maybe'.
The Inner & Outer Balance
Finding the gap between what we accomplish on an outer basis and what we experience on an inner basis. We must furnish our outer environment and this is usually easy. We place a chair here and a table there. But we seldom arrange the furniture within. We can't place the pieces of our emotional, mental and spiritual houses in order because we haven't made them as concrete and real as the objects of the outer world. Until we do, we usually just work in imagination.
The Dark Side
Here, the Anti-Creator resides, which is actually neither good nor bad. Rather he is real, a definite part of who we are and unless we become aware of when we exist this way, we can never even start to work against the main thing we do that is unkind, unreal, needlessly cruel and subjective. We won't see the destruction that always occurs in our creation.
Real Conscience
Our moral relationship with life is not nearly as important as our ability to listen to real conscience. Not the super ego that condemns and shatters with demands and a sense of superiority, but the 'small clear voice' within that removes false assumptions and the barricades of a pretend personality. It remains our last real hope as a species, and awakening real conscience is work of the highest order. It can only begin to occur when we align ourselves with higher ideals, with that which above us.
All of this work leads to awakening the Secret Creator Within. He can easily be obscured by our somnambulistic existence. We take to task all of our mechanical responses to life; the battle of yes and no, the reality of our inner and outer existence, embracing the dark side enough to get knowledge of it, all awakening in us our real ability to love and forgive.

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