Monday, November 20, 2006


Change Direction Young One!

About the age of 14 , children are eased away from ome subjects in shcool and toward others on the ground of utility. Whee has this idea of utility come from, and why does the school curriculum usually fall into two groups of subjects: the useful and the useless? Languages, maths, science and technology are useful; history, geography, art, music and drama are not. This is a common pattern.

This is a worldwide event, as recent studies have found art to be on the outskirts of curriculum in all of Europe, in America and Canada, too. Even in the Far East and Australia, in fact any educational system based on western principles this category lags behind in emphasis. And yet, young people love the arts and enjoy them.

Why are they so often talked out of them at school? Why are other subjects thought to be so much more useful? Useful to what and why?

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