Friday, October 20, 2006


False Personality & Performance

Are you working for an audience? Is your perfomance predicated on an outer acceptance? Or are you performing from a sense of self that requires none of that sort of thing?

The part of us that strengthens the False Personality in us, the ego driven and surface self, needs loosening, a practice that destroys it, undresses one garment at a time. The outer ego can't stand this sort of nakedness, and will cover us with the need for approval, applause, acclaim.

Have you ever noticed very small children that are able to play in a silent absorption without an audience? But adults praise them and tell them they are clever, so that essential phase is soon over.

Of course, now in our adulthood we have become such automotans of the fractured self, developing ever more cleverness, ever more judgment against others and toward outselves, that we become constant actors, pretenders to the throne. We access all our actions, not from an authentic base of unity and from a self that is integrated, but form a false platform that must quickly turn into a stage. Yes, a stage in ever more strained environments which we create and in which we NEED to access applause and approval to hide the thin life that is being led by us.

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