Monday, October 16, 2006


A Creative Culture

Creativity is related to culture. Cultural conditions can put fire under, or kill creativity!

We don't have creative ideas in a vacuum. Indvidual creativity is stimulated by work, ideas and acheivements of other people. We stand on the shoulders of others to see further. This is true in all fields, in business, science, sport, music, design, fashion---whatever. Human intelligence is creative in a profound sense, from the environment in which it attempts to create.

If your culture unlocks creative abilities in each individual, and allows and encourages different expressions of it, then you approach what the Golden Age of Greece once knew. That the single person had a contribution to make. From this blanket of acceptance you deliver an Aristotle, A Hippocrates, a Perciles (my ancestor).

Otherwise, you live in a culture ruled by the Bushes of the world, the Hitlers, Stalins and Osama Bin Ladins. These are the weak cultures, the cultures of sameness and un-curiousity.

The dynamics of human intelligence is scraped clean by these cultures. All creativity (for it even lives through the scum of human leadership) is left to work against you.

Now, you find lesser exploration, lesser understanding. More diatribe, greater accumulation of the literal; religeous dogma leading you.

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