Friday, October 13, 2006


Emotional Intelligence & Creativity

There has been a lot of interest in the idea of emotional intelligence. Many people are not in touch with their emotions and feel incapable of expressing their feelings. The results everywhere are palpable and catastrophic. In part, this is the legacy of academia. Conventional education splits intelligence from feeling, and concentrates only on particular aspects of the first.

That's why being highly educated is no sure shot you'll be an emotional literate. Yet there is an innate relationship between knowing and feeling: how we feel is directly related to what we know and think. Creativity doesn't occur only from the Intellectual 'Brain'. In fact the greatest power and SPEED of occurance toward a creative breakthrough and understanding is from the Emotional 'Center'; and a place where the intellectual and emotional team up.

We find emotional language (which we must employ to get a handle on what emotional intelligence really is) from the arts. Music, dance, poetry, drama and the rest--- and one of the reasons for needing a new balance in the way we educate and train people. More of the whole person is engaged when the arts are highlighted in an educational environment that is too often run by the intellectually biased elites.

But how to start?

First become more conscious of the emotional brain you own. It generates ideas at a FASTER rate than the intellectual. You can easily miss the amazing discoveries that are available to you, if you're not aware of how you feel concerning a project. It has been said that clairvoiyance is an extreme example of pure emotional intelligence.

While your intellectual brain is wieghing issues, comparing notes, placing value judgements on nearly everything that crosses it's path, your emotional brain sweeps the concept up in its arms and either loves it, loathes it, delights in it or despises it....and it does all of this in lightening speed, with remarkable accuracy.

In the process it will provide insight. The kind of insight that is foreign to intellect, with rules of its own. A completly different set of values and criteria are placed on judgments which are often more real, more precient, more capable than those that come out of mere intellectual creation.

So to begin, you must accept this emotional part of your life. You must start putting value on your feelings concerning any issue, wihtout intellectual mind stopping you in your tracks and wanting to bring critical assesment to it. That is the bane of our lives; this lack of emotional value, being constantly robbed by the thief of intellect.

In the artist, this faculty is highly valued, and words are not placed onto it. They allow feeling to guide, to direct, to point. The battle is to allay the interfering rational brain,--- to shut it off as completely as possible,--- knowing it will usually leak into deliberation and creation no matter what you do. It's used to being Emporer, and tenaciously hangs onto any creative enterprise as its own.

It wants you think you are creating "stupid art" if you don't listen to it.

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