Monday, October 09, 2006


The Vision Comes First

Your brain's pattern-recognition mechanism is triggered by images you identify with and the focus you hold. However, if you identify with emotions, instead of visions, you will become lost and asleep.

The key to knowing which is which is realizing that if you see the outcome first, and then you are made conscious of information, whether it is to catch a ball, create a company, or care for your parents, the vision comes first; and it is a vison of a purely intellectual nature. If you attach emotion to this vision, and then focus there, it becomes identification in which you, your vision, and your focus eventually get lost.

I would like you to understand the difference in this idea. You have vision, which of course, stems from the active imagination. But it can lead you to invention or put you to sleep, depending on he nature of your vision and your reactions (automatic and mechanical or conscious and directed)with which you use it. If you won't see yourself having or doing something until you see how to do it, you'll never recognize the methods, though they are all around you.This is a vital requirment for creative growth but it affords no assist if you don't notice when and how you make that happen.

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