Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Work For The Day

Work is always for the day. Do you understand the kind of work I'm talking about? Not work in the mundane sense of a job, but rather, inner work. It is always for the moment. It must not be for more than the day. Never let the ordinary idea of time come into it. We must work from the standpoint of ideal time. When you are reading a book, once you enter it, you do not mind how time elapses. Your first attempt, in ideal time, should be to stop the idea of tommorow and to work for today.

In this day can you stop negative emotions? We keep on thinking them day after day and it produces devastating effects. Each day is complete in itself, and is simply an epitome of a year. Think of it this way, if you can't control negative emotions today, this moment, how can you expect to do it tommorow, this and next week and month--- how, indeed will this year be different from any?

If you think of a thing, to do it for today is very easy. But if you think of it as going on day after day, it is much more difficult. We can take things on the scale of a day, but supposing they lasted for a week- we couldn't stand it. Time is broken up in accordance with our needs. Most of your negative thoughts are connected with the idea of the future, which we know nothing about, or the past, which we see unclearly and understand even less.

But if you work for this day, accepting the difficult for that time only, some things become possible for you. Today I place a stop in my negative emotions about my neighbor for slashing my tires. I don't expect I will tommorow if I try to project this effort into it.Conversely, if I only remember the event through a dark prism of yesterday and try and recreate evil feelings toward my neighbor, I will only hurt everything inside me, and destroy today's work.

This is the truest meaning of Jesus' words; that
the evil is sufficient for the day
.We have something we can work on today, we don't need to work on it tommorow, nor can we, or expect more from the past than was delivered in order to do the work.

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