Saturday, September 30, 2006


The Problem With Creativity

There is a problem with creativity.

Companies and governments are very keen to promote it, but they're not sure what it is or who has it. Some politicians have a different problem. They obviously suspect that too much creativity in education may have been the reason that standards fell in the first place. Many of these anxieties are rooted in the misconceptions about creativity. Often it is associated with particular sorts of people, the 'creatives' in companies, or those whose appearance or behaviour is unconventional.

It is thought as something people have or don't have, like brown eyes. It is often linked with being uninhibited and with free expression. The truth is that creativity is not a seperate part of the brain that lights up only in certain people or during particular activities.

Creativity is possible in science, in technology, in management, in business, as well as in music. Real creativity comes from finding your medium, from being in your element. When people do find their medium, they discover their real creative strengths and come into their own. Genuine creativity is not only a matter of letting go but of holding on.

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