Friday, September 15, 2006


The Nature Of Work

New technologies are transforming the nature of work. They are massively reducing the
numbers of people in industries nad professions that were once labor intensive. Today Ford announced it's laying off 40,00o of its labor intensive force. New forms of work rely on high levels of specialist knowledge and on creativity and innovations.

That's what Creative Consultants are banking on every day. This is such a consultant friendly economy and work environment that sometimes it makes me giddy! That's not to say I'm giddy about what is happening at Ford. This is a major paradigm shift that we see, and if we don't continue our growth and acceptance of change we will find ourselves immidiately obsolete.

Since it is so essential to generate ideas for new products and services, and to maintain a competitive edge, it's always been my feeling that education be flexible. We all have to learn to adjust to a world where, for most people, secure lifelong employment in single jobs is a thing of the past.

I encourage your comments on this.

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