Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Talk To My Hand

Business is caught in a revolution. The labor markets of the 21st century are changing beyond all recognition. This isn't a revolution in a figurative sense, but a real one comparable in scale and impact to the massive upheavals of the Industrial Revolution. This one is being driven like the last one, by developments in technology and this one has hardly begun. Change is a constant factor in human history. What is distinctive now is the rate and scale of change. For most people, the Internet did not exist five years ago. It's now one of the most powerful forms of communication in history. You're reading something called a BLOG, to get information. A form that barely existed LAST YEAR!

Five years from now, it may be history itself as the next generation of microprossesors, based on nanotechnology, leads to the extreme miniaturization of computers. Advances in neurosience and genetics are converging with information sciences to create the possibilitiy of microprossors based in DNA, and of computer enhanced intelligence. These technologies are transforming the nature of the work we do, how we work, who works and when and for how long. They are also generating many new social issues and cultural challenges. One of the most significant changes is in the shift from manufacturing to the so-called knowledge based industries.

A Creative Consultant is aware of this upheaval and constantly appraising his understanding of it.

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