Friday, September 08, 2006


I Rail About Education, Again

I've railed about education and the lack of 'creativity' in the curriculum in my book. But some interesting new figures were passed my way yesterday and I thought I'd ruminate on them today with you.

There was a time when good academic qualifications guaranteed a job, but not anymore. There is something called Academic Inflation, now.

A university degree used to an open sesame to a professional position. The minimum reqirement today is a Master's degree, even a PhD. What next?

Companies are screaming for recruits. Not because there aren't enough of them, but because they can't find any that know how to communicate well, work in teams effectively, and they can't think CREATIVELY! But why is this a surprise? Degrees aren't designed to make people creative. They do other things, and often do them well, but creativity has never been taught in any level of modern education.

You can listen to me read the introduction to my book: "The Secret Creator Within" by clicking the title of this blog entry. It will take you to my home page, and you'll hear me rail some more.Just click the audio buttons for the intro. I'll tell you what schools DO teach, and what they COULD teach.

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