Monday, August 21, 2006


Get Thinking Off Your Mind

It's delicious! Not thinking, that is!

Athletes in their "zone", ecstatic worhsipers "in the spirit", movie goers and novel readers engrossed in the story, gardeners pruning their trees, lovers whispering into the night---bliss! No time, no stress, no thinking. The productive state in which time dissappears is not really about not thinking, it's more like not thinking about thinking.

If you are having trouble getting into your "zone", or getting to the "mind like water" state, ask yourself at what level you need to do some focused thinking, and then get it done. Finish the exercise. Then come on in--- the water's fine.

"Anyone who waits to be struck with an idea has a long wait coming. If I have a deadline for a column or a television script, I sit down at the typewriter and damn well decide to have an idea."- Andy Rooney

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