Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Whole World Is In A State Of Chaos

If you haven't listened to my last post concerning "The Culture Codes", an audio presentation, scroll down one post to click on the new audio player. The response to this information has been very encouraging.

Today, I'm going to make a simple statement, one that Creators will realize is true: The whole world is in a state of chaos, of people doing what they want, of never listening to their higher. The answer is simple really, just to work on oneself. A simple remedy, one would say, but the most difficult in all the world.

The hubris of world leaders (Americans in particular) who recently have encouraged Isreal's constant bombardment of Lebanon, as they drag their feet for a cease fire resolution in the United Nations, shows how lost; they create chaos and do only what they want. By not listening to the Higher, which would demand peace of any nature and for any amount of time, they require a "lasting peace" and wish to accomplish this by continued, longer lasting violence.

This is the logic of the sleeping man, out of touch with the Creator Within.

Now they are finding out that, once unleashed, the Dogs Of War are not easily restrained. Man's passions grow and his unconcious self overwhelms. The largest mistake is thinking that a solution can come from up-side-down thinking. Yet, the lower can never inform the Higher, and will only seek distruction and mayhem. That is why it IS the lower.

As you accept the mandate to simply ...'work on yourself', you are putting the Higher in charge, which is the proper order of things. From this first step you can then order your existence with more precision, more clearly ascertain the solutions needed, and become (closer to wholeness).

Do not consider mankind to be conscious. But, most of all, do not consider world leaders to be conscious. On the whole, they are the least awake. They play the most deadly game, The Moloch Game, in other words, the Power Game. This finds its checkmate, or its fulfillment, in the power over life and death; something each politician ultimately aspires to.

This is the complete materialist: who orders life and death (for a false sense of

That is why war is the favorite pastime. It fullfills their limited destiny. Considering that the accumulation of nature's bounty, or the material,
is of ultimate value, the Lower can reach new lows and be less conscious. It can recede from the light more fully and embrace denser matter.

Madness reigns supreme, here.

The single individual, of herself, can do nothing to stop this collective unconsciousness. She can only strive to work on herself. To attain a singularity of self. From this state much CAN be done, but the battle of worth, of true value, is the one occuring inwardly as you search to first, discover, and then light up your own inner contradictions.

Creativity reigns supreme, here.

This is not easy. This is work. War is easy.

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