Friday, July 21, 2006


Is More Really What You Want?

Here's a fundamental principle to consider. Al of us, personally and organizationally, may be unconsciously holding back new and better things from ourselves, because we feel that we won't be able to handle them successfully or sufficiently. Most of us think that we want "more" of many things. More money, more clients, more responsibility, more fun, more time. But do we really?

I've learned that what I consciously want is only a fraction of what directs my creative energies. Many times what I think I've wanted has lost out to other forces. I've made many opportunities cross my path--- for more money, clients, responsibility, fun, and personal fullfillment. But because part of me wasn't really prepared to handle them (or what comes from them), I didn't recognize them in the moment; and even if I did, I found subtle ways to push them away.

Contemplate this quote:

Millions long for immortality
who do not know what
to do with themselves
on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
- Susan Ertz

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