Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Creativity Show Up When There Is Space

The universe abhors a vacuum--- and electric current won't flow through a blocked pathway. When mental space has too many distractions and unmanaged agreements and loops, flow is limited. Clear the pipes and you attract and foster new, productive thinking that almost happens by itself.

Keeping uncaptured, unclarified, and unprocessed things in our minds creates unnecessary stress. But the payoff of leaving this cache of thoughts alive in us allows us the pretense that there are lots of worthwhile and important things lying aorund that need our attention. Ego gets a boost.

What crafty games we can play with ourselves.

T.S. Elliot had something to say to Creative Consultants about this:

" In order to arrive at what you do not know You must go by a way which is the way of ignorance."

A search that allows ignorance to be noticed, even attracted, is a liberating experience. Though it runs against our self-esteem at some point, we will find many more answers and soutions be being brave enough to see our ignorance and at times, to court it. Our self-worth can't hang exclusively by what we have already created. We can only create from scratch, which fosters gigantic insight, if we are willing to actually find ourselves at scratch--- at the bottom of our well of good feelings about ourselves.

Look back over the last two decades. Could you really have imagined that you would have accomplished and experienced all that you have? Just knowing this all occured during deep ignorance at one time, can lift you up while humbling you at the same time. Ignorance, in this sense, is not a bad thing, but rather, a reality. From it all of our accomplishments began. Its appearance was what spurred us to learn and grow in the first place.

Yet, as we become somewhat adept at life and our work, we shy away from expereincing new levels of ignorance. And then become satisfied with work done, not looking for new challenges and tests.

This is the human thing to do, so don't get down on yourself when you recognize this tendancy. Instead, accept it, and allow a smidgeon of ignorance to rear its ugly head in you every now and then. From it you should plan an escape, with new knowledge, more research, greater risk taking.

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