Monday, June 05, 2006


Looking In Other Worlds

Aristotle considered metaphor a sign of genius, believing that the individual who had the capacity to percieve resemblances between two seperate areas of existence was a person of special gifts. if unlike things are alike in some ways, perhaps they are so in others. Alexander Graham Bell observed the comparison between the inner workings of the ear and the movemoent of a stout piece of membrane to move steel and concieved the telephone. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, in one day, after developing an analogy between a toy funnel and the motions of a paper man and sound vibrations.

Underwater construction was made possible by observing how shipworms tunnel into timber by first constructing tubes. Einstein derived and explained many of his abstract principles by drawing analogies with everyday occurances such as rowing a boat or standing on a platform while a train passed.

All of this leads to the conception of looking in other worlds for answers and solutions. In our pursuit of awakening the creative genius within us, we can't help but start to play this game.
It is a natural swing between what is and what could be. The development of this capacity for metaphor and 'jumping' into another world to explain ourselves and our projects becomes easier as we attempt it.

The Creative Consultant must develop this ability to succeed. Take a project you're currently working on and apply the genius stroke of metaphor and this search through 'other worlds' to view it in a new light that you can more easily interpret to your clients.

In doing so, you may discover new aspects of your project and new ways to develop it. Fresh insight will come as you grabble with the necessity of viewing it in a completely unexpected light. In other words, take another world view of it!

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