Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Who Is Milana Leshinsky?

I know...I know...this is a blatant commercial announcement! But I just sent this letter to my
list and wanted you to see it too. It's tailor made for Independent Professionals. Here goes:

Do you recall my mentioning that I was a consultant and coach?

I wrote a book about
it called "Anyone Can Consult"...

and many members have purchased a copy. Well, I've
just met a really fascinating woman who TEACHES consultants to use the internet and:

Milana Leshinsky Tells All!

Double Your Income and Create Passive Income
By Milana Taking You Every Step Of The Way!

Resale Rights Included....that means you get to resell it hundreds of times after you
buy it only ONCE! PLUS..along with Milana's extraordinary bonuses, I'm going to GIVE
YOU a copy of my book too! That's right---Milana and I have teamed up to serve you.
"Anyone Can Consult! sells for $17.00 all by itself.
Look it over here:

Dear Coaching and Consulting Professionals,

It's time you knew about Milana Leshinsky, a coach for all coaches (that is, if you
don't already!) . I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Milana... really
grilling her, on all the super powerful advice she gives to the her clients every day.

Milana's clients range in scope from writers, to executive business consultants, to
success coaches and small business consultants. Service professionals who are coming
onto the net to expand their businesses and reach a wider audience...and, yes! Earn
a large income by doing so!

Milana, herself, is a coaching and consulting professional with years of net
experience. So, who better to teach, coach and guides others in the same line of
work onto the web!.

"YES! You Can Expand Your Professional Coaching and Consulting Business On The Web!"
is a AUDIO EBOOK you can listen to and learn from while Milana unveils her secrets
to her own rapid success on the net.

Listen to Milana's words of wisdom as she explains, in detail, the steps every
service professional must take to get on the web and into profit in today's digital

Detials are here:


** The new strategies, technologies and marketing approaches that are specific to
coaching and consulting professionals

** How to develop multiple streams of income from your own personal knowledge and

** When to use Direct Response Marketing and when it's better to rely on
Attraction/Relationship Marketing to woo the client and get the contract

** The one secret tool that YOU MUST USE to help your potential client's get to know
you and, then, be sure to pick you as their coach or consultant!

** Important strategies for marketing your particular area of expertise and knowledge

** How to use joint ventures to increase your credibility and reach new and potential

** The basics of multiple web sites and single sites to sell your services and

** Branding tactics and tips that make sure you are remembered on the web

** The one marketing technique that is NATURAL for coaches and consultants to use to
gain new clients

Plus so much more..too much to place in this introductory letter.

To your powerful presence on the web,

Victor K. Pryles
I Love eBooks/ Pauper Books

P.S. Remember, in addition to Milana's many bonuses, You'll get a complimentary
copy of MY BOOK, too! This is a limited time opportunity so consider it for you
and your business today!


There you have it dear Blog visitor. I know this interview set(and it IS a whole series of offers) will add to your work so I had to place the information before you today. This really is good stuff. The lady knows her.... well, you know.

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