Saturday, April 15, 2006


A Consultants Chores!

When you were a child you had chores to do. That is, if you had parents that made certain requirments on you, in order to instill some sense of responsibility and a fine work ethic.

I had a paper route, and was required to take out the trash, and regularly clean my room. Simple chores, surely, but each taught me lessons I've lived by ever since.

As a mature consultant here are some new chores:

1) Make a complete core dump out of your head.
2) Look for the 'to do' list for things you're avoiding a look at
3) Ask yourself: if you didn't have to worry about things you haven't done, how would you be?

In (1) consider your brain a place that has an unlimited RAM (Random Access Memory) chip in it. Becuse of this fact, you tend to keep loading and loading and loading...without ever contemplating the consequences. This is especially true of creative people. They generate ideas by the hundreds in any given week and attack or develop a few. Many people consider them bordering on genius because they can do this.

Yet, until we develop the discipline to do a 'core dump' and erase the accumulated ideas, brand new, newborn ideas will only arrive still-born---no new information and inspiration can have room to grow and we become stressed. Stress is the great Creativity killer.

The only answer is meditation, a conscious walk in the park, a long lingering look at the sunset or moon. Until you make a strong decision to let the ideas loose of their bondage you can't reap the benefit of fresher, brighter and more sparkling notions.

In (2) you are almost always making a list of 'things' that no longer have any sense of meaning to them. You wrote them down just to free yourself for the moment. They were not something you wanted to actually 'do'. If you continue to refuse to 'look' at them for the imposters that they are, then you will accumulate more stress. And what is stress?--- you got it,--- a killer!

In chore number 3 you must employ your imagination to actualize your freedom. When you realize that worry is only the machine running itself, leaving you out of the picture, you can reclaim your freedom and lessen---stress.

All of these chores make you a better consultant..a far more potent CREATOR.

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