Monday, April 10, 2006


Welcome To A Blog About Creative Living!

I'm creating this space to ruminate about two subjects that seem to collide often. Consulting and creativity. I've written two books covering these areas of living and "livlihood" as mentioned in the banner above this blog.

I'm going to use it to amplify the subjects covered in the books and then, stream off into other areas that are not in them. I have to struggle to make sure I'm not bored and this will be the place for that.

This is like an open loop to me. A special place to inquire about major projects and bunches of old stuff that has gathered in my mind over the years. It helps me get cleaner, clearer and allows energy to be introduced to my creativity.

If that doesn't make much sense to you now, I understand. I do hope you'll come by once in a while and we can share our thoughts about ...'what's next'. Because I promise you something NEW is always just around the corner.

You can see more about the creativity book at the link above. The consulting book is at:

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