Monday, August 14, 2006


Another Resource I've Discovered

Those who visit this blog regularly already know about (and may own) my book: "Anyone Can Consult"!

And now I've found another excellent resource for those considering a consulting career:

The Consulting Solution Toolkit provides you with all the tools you need to immediately build, sustain, grow or revive a profitable consulting business. You just need to be the "human glue" to hold it all together. If you already have a consulting business you will gain substantially from this information - through doubling your client base, presenting winning proposals, and creating iron-clad service contracts - all while reducing your overall work load.

I've purchased this kit myself and it contains:

* Business Planning - Financials, Earnings and Billing

* Deadlines - how to meet them and what to do when you can't

* References - the most important revenue generation tool

* Accounting Skills needed

* Selling youself & your skill set to the right people at the right time

* What to do once you've landed a deal

* Advice on office configuration, professional image, and resume writing

* Pricing your services effectively - to maximize your profit while still
getting new clients

* Advice on hiring contractors to perform your project work - excellent
for individuals who want to work from home!

* How to market your skills effectively

They also offer a FREE report for beginners who aren't sure whether consulting is for them. It's an excellent introduction to the field.

You can learn more and get your free report by clicking here.

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